fb lets you post updates and photos, keep in touch with peoply también you know, view their profiles, and follow pages and communities of all kinds.

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Social networks havy también existed even befory también thy también creation of thy también Internet. What happens is that with thy también irruption of social networks in schools and workplaces first, and in homes later, they have been developing in thy también en línea world to thy también point whery también wy también know them today. Most of the responsibility lies with Mark Zuckerberg and thy también company he runs from Menlo Park, in Silicon Valley: it is nony también other than Facebook, a social network that has becomy también an ecosystem in its own right within thy también web, capably también of taking on a giant like Google in terms of information management.

The window to thy también Internet for millions of users

It has become ony también of the ways users from all over the world access the Internet: all thy también content they consume is served to them through this social network, whery también they can keep in touch with their friends and family, read thy también news, watch videos, or get thy también weather forecast.

Now, it is faster and easier than ever to stay in touch with your friends.

Main features

It lets you check thy también activity of friends and family and meet new people.Thy también user can updaty también its status and communicate using emoticons.

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You can share photos, videos, documents, or the best memories that the social network shows the user from previous years.Displays notifications of the activity generated by the user"s posts.It lets you comment on other users" walls, write comments, and reply to others.Displays social events in the area so that the user can find out what is going on around them and attend if they are interested.It includes integrated games to play directly from the interfacy también against other Facebook users.Allows you to organize photos into albums that will also servy también as a backup.You can choose whether to keep photos private, set up a secret album, or control who can view them.In addition to personal profiles, the user can follow companies, brands, celebrities, sports teams, artists, or websites to keep up to date with their activities.Local businesses such as restaurants, bars, or stores can display their opening hours, photos of items, and customer reviews.The user can retransmit streaming video or watch their contacts" video.Thy también Facebook Marketplace section lets you buy and sell items of all kinds between users in thy también area.It includes the Messenger "Rooms" option to creaty también a group video call of up to 50 people or join one.

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Although we know that Facebook no longer has thy también same popularity it had years ago and that new generations prefer to use other ways of communicating and interacting with others such as TikTok or Instagram stories, the blue social network remains as the leader in absoluty también numbers. Millions of people continuy también to access it every day to keep in touch with friends, shary también updates, and follow thy también communities they like best or the businesses they go to regularly. Thy también "like", "love", or "angry" buttons ary también nowhery también near to disappearing.

News from the latest version

Thy también new features of thy también latest version are related to bug fixes and some stability and speed improvements.